Gmail Proofreading Browser Extension

Our live editors will proofread and perfect your emails in minutes.

eAngel is a personal proofreader for your Gmail emails. Whether you’re sending too many emails a day to bother proofreading each one, have problems spelling, or are simply sending emails that are not in your mother tongue – eAngel is the right solution for you. The extension enables you to send emails in perfect English, Spanish, French and German, Hebrew, Portuguese, Arabic and Italian, without the recipient ever being aware that your email was edited.

Using eAngel is simple: After installing the browser extension, you write the email as you always do, then click the ‘Send with eAngel’ button and the email is sent to one of the human angels. After the email is proofread and corrected, the corrected version is sent to the recipient and you get a version with the changes tracked, so you can learn from your mistakes.

The nice thing about the eAngel solution is that it does not use any software to correct your language. It uses real, live people who read through your email and correct it. All of the editors are professionals. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.