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George Bernard Shaw once said “Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time.” We are always told that learning by making mistakes is an effective way to learn, although when it comes down to it we give ourselves a hard time when something doesn’t go exactly how we planned it.

The same goes with learning a new language. Nobody wants to be the obvious tourist stuttering their way through a basic conversation, we want to be cool and relaxed, mixing with the locals in their native tongue. Mistake making is a very important stage of this transition from novice to proficient. So much so that it is a relied on technique for language teachers all over the world. After the student has received the feedback of their errors, the next time they go to make the same mistake again their brain will have a flash of recognition and correct itself. The important thing is to make sure mistakes are identified when they are made, otherwise they will continue to go uncorrected!

There are approximately 1,200,000,000 English speakers in the world, the 3rd most widely spoken language in the world. With a huge percentage of business interaction being in English, most business men and women will need to have proficiency in English, even if it’s not their first language. Due to TV, films and modern culture a large percentage of people have a basic level of English, although struggle on a more professional level. It seems that everyone is in need of a quick refreshment course although who really has time for that after a busy day of work?

A great way to learn from your mistakes is to use eAngel. Simply choose 'Send with eAngel' when you want to send your email and a live professional will correct it immediately for you. The amended message will be sent to the recipient and also back to you. Check your mistakes and learn from them. No need to sit and stare at exercise books for hours on end, improving your language skills doesn’t need to be a chore and can be done through simple everyday tasks, such as sending an email.

After just a few months you may feel that your language skills have improved so much that you have a newfound confidence in English. Congrats to you! And if you don’t...don’t worry. There’s always an eAngel out there that has your back. Have patience and don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

Have a look at our next article about business English.

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