Hello mrMr Karahamad, iI hope you're doing well, my. My name is mohammed mahdaouiMohammed Mahdaoui and i'mI'm from morocco iMorocco. I was checking h-brsthe H-BRS website and iI found some bachelors that you can take in english English, and i'mI'm contacting you to knowask if it's possible if ithat I can apply for one of them. As for my situation, iI want to tell you iI have completed the high school degree in moroccoMorocco, and after that iI went to ukraineUkraine to continue my studies (1st year) there, but because of the war iI had to come here. , iI hope you can help out with some positive answers because my residence permit will end in novemberNovember and iI need to find a school when iwhere I can continue my studies. Thank you so much, and waiting forI look forward to your reply.
Best regards

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