I'm writing to inform you that I have been feeling unwell fromfor the past 2two weeks, due to whichan acute attack of Lowerlower back pain, headache, metabolism &and sleep related health problems. iI am facing difficulty to report toin reporting for work. I have been diagnosed with a sever case of vitamin deficiencies in B12&D, Anemia, etc. The Doctor prescribed to take intramuscular injection, and tablets for several weeks.

Sitting for long hours and stress
is causing more illness, and pain. The Doctor recommended to be in rest for thea period of 60 to 90 days &and advised to take self-care measures with medication. I request you to allow me to take leaves for the workleave from June 14th 2021 to August 14th 2021 to restore my health.

Kindly see the attachments of reports and treatment. I hope to be back to resume my work responsibilities after 60
days of rest and will keep you updated on my health progress.

Thank you for your understanding and providing me the complete support
at need.

needed. Please consider my request and do the needful, kindly.

let me know your approval on this.

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