Our product development staff has come up with a breakthrough new product, a phone answering machine that answers the phone, screens the calls and, by the voice activation, routes the call to an appropriate message and gives a busy signal when
a mansomeone doesn’t want to be bothered.
We have gone through this product fully and believe it would benefit our company because:

1. The Product has a relatively simple design that occupies no more space than a regular phone and can be designed for wall or desk mounting. The cost for manufacturing is low compared to the retail value. The unit costs approximately $100.00 to produce and retails for $999.99.The unit can be interchanged easily with all phone networks including MBB and Shout.

We would like to begin mass production around April 1, 2005. Our Westport facility could
handelhandle the production with the addition of 10 technicians and engineers to aid in production. We hope you become major fan of the product and endorse it fully. Thanks.

Junaid from Quality Improvement Cell

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