The department is trying to get all and sundry to use the online portal for checks and to limit the in-personin person contact in the present environment. However, I have tried the online checks and uploading but it is still not fully functional.

Renewal work permit and
Permitpermit to reside can be submitted online, but again, the system is still not recognizing, therefore I have been submitting in person.

, later this year, all applications will be submitted online. As of now, new applications have to be submitted in person. The turnaround for a work permit application is now 8-12 weeks, this is still not guaranteed but they suggest you should followingfollow up after this period. I will still make my connection but again with all the changes, the process for renewals areis taking longer than expected.

Additionally, given the unemployment rate in the country
, due to the pandemic, we are now asked to not only advertise the position but to submit to the Department of Labour so they can conduct their due diligence, the. The turn around time for this process varies but I have gotten approval within three weeks. So we now have to now factor that in when we set start dates.

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