The main purpose of this study is to increase the mental, cognitive, and innovation capabilities of high schoolhigh-school students to get effective learning. It implemented an E-Learning system using the Google class app to monitor students’ academic success. This study adopted thean experimental methodology, whereand the study sample amounted to 560 high schoolhigh-school students in the Gaza Strip Palestine distributed into 16 classes. The study sample iswas divided into two groups, thean experimental group which includesincluded 299 students, and thea control group, which includesincluded 261 students. This study used the test technique to measure aptitude (level of achievement) in the biology course.
The results show that the two sample groups have the same level of academic success in the pre-test. However, the experimental group was more successful than the control group in the post-test. Comparing the results of the experimental group and the control group with the post-test and the stability test
. There, there is evidence for the experimental group that the level of students’ achievement was better than traditional education in terms of long-term stability in E-Learning. It has been observed that both male and female students share a common understanding and practice of test results compared to experimental group students. It has also been shown that the level of academic achievement of female students is higher than that of male students in the remember. Moreover, female students have a greater ability to memorize.

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