I have traveled to the pyramids of Giza, eaten with the Pope, stolen national treasure, sky dived, and ridden onrode a unicorn. All in my dreams, of course. I dream every night, and the main reason that I love sleeping so much, besides(besides not having to do anything,anything) is to see what my brain comes up with, and what kind of adventures I will be going on. Dreaming is such a strange phenomenon that no one really discusses, so I will.
The very first dream that I can remember
, is from 1st grade. I had moved schools in the middle of the year, and while I was still young enough to not be too terrified, I was wary of a whole new group of people. The night before, I dreamdreamed for some reason of flying kiwi, which were my favorite fruit of the time, and a reindeer flying through my bedroom. Now I had eaten kiwi for lunch that day, and my new principal’s name was Mr. Rodolph, so my dream did make a little sense once I woke up. Seven-year-old me, however, was slightly concerned. Was something wrong with my brain? Did I have some sort of strange addiction to kiwi? Also, why is kiwi hairy on the outside? I told my mom and she reassured me that everyone has dreams, and scientists don’tdon't have a reason for why they are so strange and can differ every night, and that she didn’t know why kiwi are hairy on the outside. A few years later, I was having a recurring dream every few nights. 10Ten years later I am unable to remember it perfectly, but I can clearly see myself walking through some kind of valley, and then always endedending up seeing some sort of large, fathead in the sky replacing the sun. One time it was the BFG (Big Friendly Giant) which was particularly alarming, but I moved on eventually.

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