A symbol is something that stands as a reminder of something elselse. (2) The United States hashave many national symbols that help bring the local and regional communities together as a whole nation. (3) The United StatesStates' flag is a symbol that is easy for all americansAmericans to recognize. (4) It has one star for each of the 50 states, likesuch as California, Florida, and all other states. (5) Also, the American Bald Eagle in the flag areis the national bird. (6) It was chosen because it is so independent and free. (7) In fact, choosing such a bird to represent the nation tells everyone that the country values freedom and the courage to be independent. (8) The Statue of Liberty is another very famous American symbol. (9) It iswas given as a gift to the people of America fromby the people of France in 1885. (10) FromA lot of tourists from France and other European countries a lot of tourists are visitingvisit America. (11) The Statue of Liberty represents specify the spirit of friendship between France and America. (12) However, America’s symbols unite people from many different states and help them feel more than citizens of their own states.

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