I am writing to express my interest in the position advertised. I possess the necessary skills and capability you are seeking and would make a valuable addition to your institution. I am eligible for limited registration with AHPRA, considering a full timefull-time job in Australia with fairly flexible joining date.

I am a reliable Sudanese physician with
an 8-year8 years' experience as a hospitalist in general pediatrics, pediatric ER and ICU. Learning about the welcoming environment and attractive opportunities in Australia has continuously encouraged me to work and settle there.

I have
been always been interested in various medical specialties due to the challenges confronted while treating such a vulnerable population. My current experience would motivate me more to handle palliative care patients with the same enthusiasm and efficiency I practiced while treating children over the years.

As a hardworking physician with a considerable ability to produce work to a high standard, I would be capable
toof promptly putputting my abilities to good use in this phenomenal job. As I obtainhave obtained a fair exposure to the field and have a keen desire in learningto learn more, this will be an excellent fit.

Having worked as a team member in our department where we provide inpatient acute
services, as well as chronic care services, to over 20 childchildren including mechanically ventilated ones (of which, most are terminal cases receiving multidisciplinary supportive management), I have properly built a strong knowledge base around it. Such an atmosphere has boosted my clinical and procedural familiarity on a regular basis.

I assisted in and conducted a reasonable number of departmental presentations (clinical guidelines, journal clubs and morbidity and mortality cases), where I enhanced my professional collegiality towards peers and the wider healthcare team. Likewise, maintaining my continued medical education and
developdeveloping teaching and supervision proficiency.

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