We can put the two films:, The Great Gatsby and The Hate You Give, into perspective. First of all, the surroundings of the films, "The Hate You Give," and "The Great Gatsby", are similar. That is to say, they are both split and contain an inner conflict. Moreover, we see a divide in society, based on skin color in the film. For example, in “The Hate You Give,", African Americans experience a lot of racism and unfairness. Coupled with the fact that racism helps to create division among people in society, it becomes a fight for the blacks. The Afro-Americans’ view on it is decidedly "them against us". As well as, there is a conflict owing to inequality. We also encounter a divided environment in "The Great Gatsby,", with the divided environment taking the appearance of various classes in society. Our argument for that is that we have the Easteast egg and the Westwest egg - which represent the east and west halves of civilization. People who are born wealthy live in the east egg, whereas those who become wealthy and rich later in life live in the west egg. This can lead to conflict between individuals from the east and the west; perhaps there will be a social hierarchy, and society will become more competitive as people compete to achieve better than the other. In addition, in "The Hate You Give,", the socio-economic class is noticeable because there is a hierarchy in the society. With this in mind, that may cause black people to feel inferior to white people.

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