My name is Anastasiya
,. I’m a Ukrainian girl who’s looking for a safe place in England.

I’m a dental technician
, but I worked in Kyiv for 2 years as a business manager.
I always wanted to continue my studies as a Dentist
, but the war ruined everything.
I don't know if I will have the chance to study
, but it would be like a dream that comes true!
I hope to have the opportunity to demonstrate how strong and capable I am!
I have an Italian Diploma as a Dental Technician (5 years).
I studied in Italy
, and then I moved back to Ukraine to my family.

Now I’m a little bit lost…I thought that finally I had everything I’ve dreamed of, nice job, beautiful apartment and lots of friends…but on
the 24th of February at 5 am, I woke up with the understanding that it was only a long dream…
Now I see everything a bit blurry, as if it were clouded by the fear of what will happen.
But of one thing I'm sure
about, if I'm alive it means there is a reason.
My time is not over yet ...

I sincerely want to
studiedstudy in England to become a Dentist, but right now I can’t even imagine what should I do to get closer to my dream.

I don't come from a wealthy family
, but I have some savings.
I went out with 87 out of 100 and worked almost every day. I prepared my final exam in 3 days.
I don'tI’m not saying that I'm very intelligent, but I just like studying.
Knowledge is freedom for me, and now I genuinely want to be free more than ever!

Now I am in Kiev
, and I am looking for a sponsor.
Could you kindly tell me what possibilities I have and what I need to do to enroll in this University?

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