Dear Sebastian,

Thank you for your e-mail. I am very happy to have a new friend in Spain.

You said you go to a
colegecollege on Saturdays for studyingto study for your exams. I think that must be difficult. I don’t do extra lessons at the weekend, but I do my homework at home.

, my older sister helps me doingwith my maths homework because I am not very good with maths. Are you good at maths, and do you like it?

I was busy last month because we had exams. I worked very hard
for passingto pass them. I went theto the school library during lunch time for extra studying extra.

Do you do any jobs for extra money in your free time? My parents give me money every week, but
itsit’s not enough for gettingto get all thingsthe things I want. I want buyingto buy a new phone and some clothes. But I am too tired for workingto work in my free time. Or am I lazy?

Mail me again soon.

Your new friend,


My University Days

When I was studying at the university I worked
very hard for passingto pass my exams. I used to go to the main library for studyingto study every evening after lessons. At the weekends, I sometimes studied with a friend, Ali.

Ali was a hard-working student too, but he had to work
partime for helping paying forpart-time to help pay his living expenses. His parents sent him an allowance every month, but it wasn’t enough for livinghim to live off.

Ali worked nights in the local Chinese take-away on Saturdays, so he was always too tired
for studyingto study on Sunday mornings with me. He slept until late Sunday afternoon, but I used to get up at 10 a.m., go to the gym for keepingto keep fit, then do a few hours studying at the library.

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