One theme of The Breadwinner is Educationeducation. One event that shows this theme is that since the beginning of the Taliban domainregime, girls can’thaven’t been able to study up to more than 6thbeyond the sixth grade. This shows the theme because that means girls can’t learn helpful things for their future that will probably help them like knowing how to add, divide, multiply, or subtract to help them with shopping and, knowing how much they need to pay, and learning to manage their money better, knowing. They also can’t learn other languages to communicate better, and many more things used in thedaily adult daily life. In addition, they knowTheir knowledge may be limited to very basic things whichthat are not enough to study in theget them into university, so they can’t study to get a good job. Another character in the novel that supports this theme is Maryam. In this character, the theme is shown because she is a 5 years old, Parvana’s five-year-old girl, Parvana’s little sister, who can’t study and can’t learn at school because of the Taliban domainregime. This is bad because she won’t be able to use math, which is very common in daily life, or any other important things taught at school. Therefore, this theme is clearly developed in the text since we can perceive how girls are not able to learn basic things whichthat can help them when they are adults and even when they are kids. This is bad because they won’t know common things inimportant to daily life, so they won’t be able to have a good job and earn money for theirfor living.

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