On May 31, 1921, the Ford Motor
Company turned out Car No. 5,000,000.
It is out in my museum along with the
gasoline buggy that I began work on
thirty years before
, and which first ran
satisfactorily along in the spring of 1893.
I was running it when the bobolinks
came to Dearborn
, and they always come
on April 2nd. There is all the difference
in the world in the appearance of the two
vehicles and almost as much difference
in construction and materials, but in
fundamentals the two are curiously alike
except that the old buggy has on it a
few wrinkles that we have not yet quite
adopted in our modern car. For that first
car or buggy, even though it had but two
it would make twenty miles an
hour and run sixty miles on the three
gallons of gas the little tank held
, and is
as good
to-daytoday as the day it was built.

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