I have a training until the end of the week, and Neida is on vacation and tomorrow she will be inon a flight, so we can be in the meeting tomorrow,. I will try to send todaytoday to send the memo with the review for Q2 June 2021, but basically what is left in the conclusion is the same topic that we talked about in the previous review. , aboutThis is regarding the depreciation expense for Q2 June 2021 and Q2 June 2022 was restated considering December 2020 and 2021 as the date of origin, instead of considering the date of acquisition for each Itemitem of the PPE auxiliary. These differences of dates could generate a relevant adjustment that affects Retainedthe retained earnings and current expenses. This Issueissue, related to restatement of expense depreciation, havehas been presented on each Review Memoreview memo.

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