Dear all ,
Hope my
emailsemail finds you well .

Thank you
, Stefanos, for the introduction ,.
I really appreciate it.

Hello Kayleigh
, my name is George and it is so nice meetingto meet you !
Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to me
I’ve been looking forward
forto this connection for a long time ago.

stefanosStefanos said, I’ve been working in the hospitality industry for up to 9 years and I amhave been based in londonLondon for almost 5 years now .
I am currently working for Soho
houseHouse as Supervisorsupervisor of the restaurant, but as well I have also been taking care of all staff trainingstraining for all houses around Central londonLondon.

I am interested
to arrange a potential meeting or a call with you as I am willing to work and develop my career in the Pacha groupGroup.

Here are a few times that could work

Thursday, September 15
, at 11:00AM-15:00PM00am - 15:00pm.
Friday, September 16
, at your convenience.

Let me know if these times work for you
. , if anIf any other time works fortimes work better, please let me know and I can check my schedule .

I look forward talking to you !


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