The pie chart indicates the comparison between energy capacity items in 2015 and 2040. These items are fossil fuels, wind, nuclear, solar, and other Renewablesrenewables.
To begin with, at the first glance, in the year 2015,
volumesthe volume of energy was 6.688 (GW) while it is anticipated in the year 2040 it will be 11.678 (GW). With more expression, the most energy was for fossil fuels in the year 2015 with 64%, and it is predicted for the year 2040 withat 44% and Stillstill having the highest percentpercentage amount among the energy items.
As can be seen, there was a rapid increase in solar in the year 2015 and it is predicted
to be 18% in the year 2040. Also, the prediction for The Windwind in the year 2040 is more than double the amount in the year 2015, in other words, it was 5% meanwhilewhereas in the year 2040, it will be 12% with a significant improvement. The rest of the items anticipated a slight decrease. For example, other renewablerenewables will decrease from 23% to 21%. On the other hand, nuclear will hashave a tiny drop from 6% to 5%, but we have a great exceptexpectation for fossil fuels, it will be with a dramatic decrease from 64% to 44%.

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