There is no right college major. No specific college major is correct for everyone, and no major will surelydefinitely secure you a salary. For example, the article “Will the ‘Right’ College Major Get
get you a Job?” states that there is no STEM, science, technology, engineering, or math graduate shortage. Also, picking popular or occupation-specific majors could be unwise, and the field could become unappealing quickly. Glenn Altschuler writes, “While the number of STEM grads is increasing dramatically, only 22% of recent undergraduates who have completed majors in science and math got jobs using these skills.” The quote shows that even though there are more STEM grads, only a tiny percentage use those skills to get jobs. This shows that there is no major that will guarantee a career. To conclude, picking in-demand or job-orientated majors graduates do not always secure a job.

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