Political corruption and poverty.
Political corruption
this is one of the main
problemproblems of my community, which has butput thousands of
people into poverty
whichand has brought about death,
lack of employment and hunger in my society. Why
passionate about this is because of in my society
the politicians use their houses
and tax for power play
, which has yielded nothing
for us
. I see people diedying because they can't buy
. For example, people suffering from diabetes
they can't afford drugs. The politicians steal the
that is meant for building schools and this affects my
society deeply because they aren't
getting educated
. soSo they bring about violence and destruction of peace in the society .
A society with thisthese issues don'tdoesn't have a future where people
can grow and be productive
. soSo I always try and Ito be
am passionate about thethese issues because I want
a better society for my community.

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