In the last few weeks, ML has at times refused to come to Leinster Rd whenever I went to pick him up from home. Its takes has taken some persuasion before acceptinghe accepted to come. He appeared to accept that other staff to would pick him up.

The last
Instance happed instance happened yesterday, 06/03/2023; he argued with his dad and mentioned that he doesdid not want to go and went back into his house. His dad insisted he must go, and staff and his dad persuaded him to go in the car.

Myself ML and MLI have always had a great relationship and always, no issues on whatsoever, these hasinstances have therefore been disturbing my mind thatme about what could have happenedhappen.

I decided to have a
one to oneone-on-one with him Yesterdayyesterday with my colleague (Ci). We asked him what is borderingbothering him and why he is showing this attitude towards me to collectwhenever I go pick him up from home. ML said hehe's scared of coming to Leinster Road because I might askedask him to taker taketake his blood pressure, urine sample, takeand draw his blood, and theseall this really scared ofscares him.

Please iI need your advice to deal with the above situation, as I don’t want him to be afraid to come into the unit and he needs to have a safe space.

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