Mr. Furr,

Good afternoon.
My name is Andrew Moss and I am with Electron Charger. We are the only EV charging mfg. technology company in Indianapolis and IN. We arewere founded by two Purdue graduates. We are disrupting the traditional electric distribution model. We are going directly to our verticals and giving them customer centric service. Developers and management companies are two of our verticals. We are currently working with Mr. Ritman at Gillatte, putting him in the EV distribution business for his clients.

We are a mfg. of level 2 and 3 chargers,
we provide the installation and software to energize the stations. We provide white glove serviceservices. We will provide you with the education, service, and maintenance for your EV infrastructure program. We are in your back door and you will not get this level of service from our coastal competition or at your local electric distributor. WE will have CAAS by the end of May, American madeAmerican-made accreditation within months, and we have MBE status. I have attached information on the company for your perusal.

Can we meet this week to discuss your ideas?
What day and time works for you? I am looking forward to meeting you and discussing this EV shift we are experiencing. Have a good day.

Kind Regards,

Andrew Moss

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