Many people in kentuckyKentucky are effectedaffected daily by our flimsy gun laws. These laws are causing mass shootings, school shootings, suicides, and accidents, this. This is called gun violence and it has been going aroundon for so long and it. It is happening the most in kentuckyKentucky and texasTexas. But thereThere is thisa pattern toof gun violence, the. The people who mostly startperpetrate these horrific acts are mostly young people. Yes, that’s right, the people who are committing these crimes are youth and this is because ofthey have either experienced abuse, mental illness, or bullying and the. The governor and gun companies have to realize that high capacity weaponhigh-capacity weapons are being given to young people. InThe American academyAcademy of pediatricsPediatrics (AAP) argues howstates that every day children are injured or even killed because 43% of households contain firearm insidefirearms. Although many guns stored inside are safe or hidden from children but, at least 1one is unlocked with loaded ammoammunition with which your kida child could havemeet a fatal end if not careful. Mental health also comes inplays a part within gun violence AAP onas the AAP article explains how, “Over 80% of child firearm suicides involvedinvolve a gun belonging to a family member.” Young individuals should not have possession of firearmfirearms or should not be told that there is a firearm in their house because this causescan cause accidents like:such as suicide, mass shootings, and school shootings. Instead, young people should be havinghave more mental health checks. andThey should participate in more programs that teach them about gun violence and how to prevent it and many other communtiescommunities should be

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