A panel discussion was held onto determine which facilities should receive money from local authorities. In the historical period in which we are currently living, it is best to analyse the situation in order to evaluate which facility needs money. From the discussion, it appears that museums and public gardens should be a priority.

Museums are a really important resource for our country
, as. As a matter of fact, most of the tourists that come to our country visit historical cities and, therefore, also their countless museums. However, many of the museums are left abandoned or even not utilised in the right way. The maintenance of works of art is complex and requires a lot of time and money. Having more money would allow museums to refurbish the spaces and attract more tourists.

However, the facilities in which local authorities should invest more money are public gardens. The cities in our country lack
of green areas, one of the most important resourceresources as they help the environment and make the spaces look cleaner. To, not to mention all the public parks that are almost abandoned, with rubbish everywhere and brushwood that don’t even allow you to prep Roy walk properly. By investing money in that, people would feel more encouraged in spending time in theto spend time outdoors.

To conclude, public gardens deserve a higher priority from local authorities
, due to the fact thatbecause maintenance is expensive and their importance ispublic gardens are crucial.

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