1. Hello, Mymy name is Brandon Campbell. I was born and raised in the Militarymilitary as a military brat. Both of my parents are recently retired naval officers, and we got stationed in my momsmom's home town of New Orleans. A couple of my hobbies are playing basketball and drawing.

2. I am taking Introduction to Psychology because
iI want to know more about how the human brain operates outside of myself. theThe first thing that pops into my brain when iI hear the word Psychology"psychology" is psycho.

3. What
iI am hoping to experience and/or achieve by taking this course is to get a new perspective on communication. My expectationsexpectation of this course is to get an A.

4. Three facts and a lie.

1. I love traveling and exploring new things.

2. I am an actor currently working on a new upcoming Netflix series

3. I learned how to swim in the ocean

ImI'm friendly .

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