Good morning AlivinAlvin,

I am still
havehaving trouble with my postmaster and itsit seems shesshe's just making things worse for me, to the extent where she even denied my AL for my own wedding coming up this October. Which, which I had a feeling she would. I didntdidn't take it personalpersonally, so iI went ahead and askingasked a couple of co workers from different offices if they would be able to cover for me for that weekend and they agreed. so i askSo I asked her, since iI was able to find coverage, if I can i resumittecould resubmit my leave and she said, sure"Sure." FastfowardFast-forward to a couple of weeks ago, we are all aware she now knows about the PTF 4 hour4-hour rule and is making my scheuldeschedule to follow within contract., until the last two weeks. sheShe is now going back to her old way and not following the contract. For example, this week schceduelweek's schedule was postposted by wednesdayWednesday and my start time was 5:00am-9:0000am / 11:00-2:00 well00am-2:00pm. Well, on fridayFriday she changed it to 6:00-9:0000am-9:00am / 11-2.:00am-2:00pm, but then I looklooked at who is helping out in the office in the morning on those days and they are scheuledscheduled to come in at 5:00-9So we00am-9:00am. We have has this guy from mayleeMaylee's post office come help us out in the morning from distrubutiondistribution. Maylee is a RMPO office, which is under Alabaster. So the first Violationviolation is Shethat she is scheudleingscheduling a PSE to come in before her own PTF from that office. The second violation is that she is giving a guaranteed PSE 4 hour consecutively guaranteedconsecutive hours (PSE are only guaranteed for 2 hourhours, not 4) but wontwon't give me my guaranteed time. I posted this weekweek's schedule below if you would like to look at it. (P.s: I(I know on the sheet it says PTF help but this kid is a PSE in fact.). I honestly just don’t know how to proceed with my postmaster, and advice or guidance would be great. helenaHelena gets 150 clerk hours a week. We have 2 full timetimes, which would be 80 hours; 150 - 80 = 70 left over, so iI know we have plenty of hours and she is just doing this out of spite. Honestly, imI'm almost to my breaking point, and iI know that is what she wants. Ever since iI filed that grievance, its feltI feel like iI have had a huge target on my back. I rarely call out, iI tend to stay to myself, I'm rather quitequiet, iI come to work to work and go home. Please guildsguide me in, what i should do.I do?

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