I have over 20 years' experience teaching foreign languages and cultures to young adults in higher education (engineering students, HR and QSE
BachelorsBachelor's and Masters)Master's) and adults in training centers in France and the USA. Both rigorous and attentive, I am able to adapt to the most diverse needs in terms of skills, themes or levels. Instilling the desire to speak, live and work in another language and culture is the cornerstone of my teaching approach.

IndependantIndependent language instructor/trainer in French and English as foreign languages at: CESI École d’ingénieurs, Activ Formations, UFCM, CIA, etc. in the Nice area (France).
June 2012 — July 2023
Designed, developed, and taught trainings and curricula providing the linguistic and professional means to thrive in culturally unfamiliar working/life environments (in France or abroad).
Developed and implemented innovative teaching strategies and activities to enhance students' speaking, listening, reading
, and writing skills.
Assessed needs, levels and expected and/or acquired oral and written skills.
Developed and implemented differentiated teaching/learning approaches and methods to promote knowledge acquisition and group cohesion.
Facilitated Cultural and Diversity awareness workshops.
Mentored and advised students to support their academic and personal growth.
Prepared for official exams (TOEIC & DELF).
Managed groups of 25 students or more.

Lecturer in French at: University of California, Irvine (Dpt. of French and Italian) and University of California, San Diego (Dpt. of Literature) in California (USA)
September 2000 — June 2011
Designed and/or taught contents and skills to prepare students to both academic requirements in the US and life in France (French conversation, grammar, composition, French culture and literature).
Administered assessments to monitor and evaluate student progress and adjust instruction as needed.
Provided regular feedback and support to students to promote their language and academic success.

Teaching Associate at University of California, Irvine (School of Humanities) and San Diego State University (Dpt. of European Studies)
September 2006 — June 2008
Familiarized students with the methods and objectives of
the humanistic inquiry in the fields of literature, philosophy, history, and visual studies (Humanities Core 1a, 1b, 1c & Introduction to European Studies).
Organized discussion sections.
Provided instruction in composition, textual and visual analysis.
Assisted students in use of online databases.
Created discussion note boards.

Lecturer in English at: Université de Paris IX, Paris (U.F.R. Mathématiques de la décision)
September 1999 — June 2000
Led discussion sections in business English on the theme of «
Work and the Changing Workplace ».
Developed vocabulary enrichment exercises, activities to trigger discussion, study questions.
assessedAssessed the students’ progress (quizzes).
Managed groups of 25 students or more

Life and work experiences abroad - a total of 15 years in the United States and the UK

Implementing communicative and active learning pedagogies (content-based learning, project-based learning and problem-based learning)

Certified Intercultural Communication Trainer (European Institute for Intercultural Development)

French: native
English: near native
Spanish: intermediate

Mentoring, guiding and language tutoring to
azylumasylum seekers and refugees in France (RESF)

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