idea of the project topic is based on the recycling of used
Oiloil to reduce the consumption of new oils. Oil recycling
And reusingand reuse is an effective solution for environmental
Pollutionpollution caused by disposal of waste engine oil into
The environmentalthe environment. Various methods are currently in
Practicepractice for the recycling of waste engine oil on industrial
and commercial


Recycling and reusing used oil is
a greatan effective way to help the environment. Recycling used oil keeps it from polluting soil and water.

and reusing used oilIt is preferable to disposal and can provide greatpositive environmental benefits. Recycled used oil can be re-refined into clean oil.

We have more than 10 CPF type equipment in Libya
,; all of this equipment havehas triplex, and this triplex has plungers thatwhich need lubrication .There is a separate system for lubricating the plungers and it needs from 40 to 80 liters per job, which is a high consumption, especially when operations activity is high. Here, we would like to emphasize that the oil used to lubricate the plungers should not be new, as much as it isthe necessity for it to be clean.

Problem Definition

The problem lies in the consumption of a large amount of oils in parts of the company's equipment that can lubricated by any oil. The important thing is
for it to be clean. Small amountamounts of pure lubricating oil can pollute major amounts of water, for eg:example, groundwater, as well as the land on which it is spilled

Project Objectives

1. Decrease new oil consumption
2- Preserving2. Preserving the environment.

Benefits to SLB

1-Recycling used oil
keepssaves at least 1 oil drum (200LTR) per month
2- Recycling used oil
keepssaves between 600$ to 1000$ per month

Project Duration
5 months.

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