As a highly skilled theologian and a dedicated pianist with a passion for research and innovation, I am excited to pursue a career in academia, exploring the depths of musical artistry, theory, and performance. With my background in both theoretical and practical aspects of pastoral ministry and my strong analytical and hands-on experience in piano music excellence, I aspire to delve deep into the nuances of music theory, composition, performance, and therapy. I have a proven track record of conducting successful projects and publishing my works in the public domain. I am committed to honing my skills and contributing to the academic community through rigorous scholarship and creative exploration, inspiring a deeper understanding of the spiritual, therapeutic, and cultural significance of music in both fields. I am a consistent team member who interacts well with other instrumentalists to resolve issues and maintain consistent performance quality standards. I am eager to continue my professional development and growth by joining an esteemed academic institution where I can share my knowledge, learn, and collaborate with other leading researchers.

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