The Central Directorate of Fuels of the Ministry of National Defence is responsible for the task of supplying fuel and its equipment to the units of People's National Army. To effectively implement this mission, the Directorate has specialized supply units (fuel depots at various levels, supply battalions and companies, etc.) with high standards, governed by procedures and protocols in management and exploitation, maintenance, repair and storage, in addition to total control of industrial security systems and also procedures related to achieving security and safety in general.
Fuel depots are an essential link in this logistical system, as they allow the storage and distribution of huge quantities of fuel to meet the needs of various units. Therefore, and due to the sensitivity of this mission, safety is a decisive and primary factor in this equation, as these facilities face complex technical challenges in terms of safety, especially when we are talking about processing flammable materials
, such as gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, and other petroleum products, which require special and precise procedures to avoid accidents in order to protect personnel and the internal and external environments.
From this standpoint, the Central Directorate of Fuels has drawn up an effective strategy for preventing these risks, based on three main factors: human, technical, and organizational. It is based primarily on the design of facilities that comply with
the national and international standards and specifications in force, and the establishment of a set of security procedures and measures during the performance of various tasks, up to the readiness to respond to any type of expected and pre-studied risks.

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