Good morningMorning, Nina,

I’m Blanca Reguart, a
sixteen year oldsixteen-year-old girl from Barcelona, and I am currently in my junior year of high school. I’m reaching out to you because thisover these past months, I have been trying to decide what to study, and after investigating different careers that could suit me, I feel likebelieve PPE it’sis the one for me. I really like philosophy and questioning everything,. I also want to understand how the world works, and I like seeing different perspectives on diverse subjects, also. Additionally, I love speaking in public and having debates.
I’ve been looking at different universities
outside of Spain that have a PPE program outside of Spain, because since I was a little girl, I’ve always known I wanted to visit the world and to learn,; I love learning new things. So when it comes to studies, I’ve always wanted more of an international approach, as. As a matter of fact, last year, I studied for a semester in Canada, and I really enjoyed it, so,. So even though I had itwas already very clear about my wishes, that experience made my decision for me.
sayingexplaining all this, I wanted to ask your advice, as the international student representative, on how iswhat the best way is to apply to UPENN, what the requirements andare, and how do Ito know which university is the right one for me.

Thank you very much
, and sorry. Sorry for taking up your time.

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