Today over 81% of students use electronics for studying and helphelping with their homework according to McGraw-Hill. Technology is one of the most helpful resources ever invented. itIt makes the lives of students way easier all around the world, technology.
has revolutionized studying and learning, back then. Before, you would have to go to the library to get a textbook that you were trying to study and a lot of school material used to be all hard copies and not as easily accessible, today. Today, you can find lessons, videos, and digital copies of all your school textbooks and assignments without having to go to the library or ask a teacher for a copy which cancould be lost or damaged. one
of the best things about having accessible school material online means that you can learn and do work at your own pace without being rushed to study before an important exam. I think it is awesome that we have technology which helps students have access to all school material and assignments and that makes life 10 times easier for all students.

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