First, I want to talk about some of the questions the teacher asked me about my life. At first I visit my friends occasionally, about once a week, and I visit my family every day, because I live with them in the same house. After that, I only go shopping when I need to. Then when I'm done eating I sit down and rest a bit, and then go do my homework. Now I do my duty, specifically the Learning Journal. Then what did you do yesterday? Yesterday I went to the store to buy some cases that the house needs, then I came home to eat, then I went to complete my tasks and duties, and after completing the duties I go to havehad a little fun, and finally I gowent to sleep and getgot up early. Then the thing I dodid on Friday at 9 am iswas to have breakfast, and then get ready for Friday prayer. After that the weather is nowwas very cold. Finally, the weather yesterday was rainy and cold. In conclusion, I hope I have answered all the questions.

Thank you

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