To whom it may concern,

Between 09.07.2023 and 14.07.2023, I want to make a
touristictourist trip to your country with my wife Deniz Hergül, and my daughter Güneş Hergül.
I have a
multiple entrymultiple-entry Schengen visa valid until 04.04.2025.
During our trip, we will stay at "Relais Trevi 95 Boutiqe Hotel" in Rome. Our hotel reservations are made and confirmed.
We have bought our Ankara-Rome-Ankara flight tickets.
On 12.07.2023
, we will go to Naples for a day. We have bought our round tripround-trip train tickets from Rome-Naples-Rome.
We are planning to visit places such as
the Trevi fountainFountain, Spanish steps, Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, Vatican, museums, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. We have already bought our entrance tickets to the Colosseum, Vatican museums and Sistine Chapel.
I have been working at Koluman A.Ş.-Mercedes-Benz Dealer since 07.05.1997
, and I am still working as the passenger cars sales manager. In addition to the income I get from the company I work for, I also have a pension income from the state since 01.04.2023. I earn an average monthly income of 100,000-TL. All travel expenses of my daughter, Güneş Hergül, will be covered by me. My wife Deniz Hergül's expenses will be covered by me as well as her own earnings and savings.
Based on the information I have
givenprovided above, I am kindly asking you to grant a multiple entrymultiple-entry schengen visa to my wife Deniz Hergül and my daughter Güneş Hergül regarding the trip we are planning to make to your country as a family.
I guarantee to return to our country with my family on the departure date mentioned above.

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