Skylah started to feel unwell at gymnastics last night. sheShe said I was in court with you yesterday and she was doing great with the babysitter we used before.
The Dr said it’s Viralviral, and I tested negative for strep and will be ok with Tylenol and Motrin for today.
You are trying really hard to make your text extremely dramatic, concerning and convincing for court matters
, trying to build a case or plant a seed in the person reading our thread. TheyThe kids are in extremely good hands, and you know it.
I have been taking care of Skylah and Zayden physically almost on my own at 98%
since 8for the past eight years due to your work and severe addictions, and you were never interested in their health; you never came home early or even show concernsshowed any concern in the past.
You are also projecting your own
addictionsaddiction issues ononto me in court and are creating ploys, trying to build a false narrative to get me arrested andand my friends and havingarrested, and you had your good friend ex deputyex-Deputy Ryan Clay calling 911 makingto make a false report on May 9. It's disgusting and asis a reminder that he was also charged with sexual assault and sexual battery last March. So please stop your constant accusotaryaccusatory text messages to try to make yourself appear to be someone you are not.

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